Our goal is to direct patients to achieve optimum health. The Center makes it possible for each individual to be diagnosed and educated to understand their own biochemistry and its specific needs. Goals for the center include:


· Prevention, ablation or reversal of the disease and aging processes through patient education and guidance

· Achievement of optimal health through nutritional analysis and therapy

· Physical and mental conditioning.


Recent research has supported our belief that most disease is secondary to destruction of the body cells through free-radical pathology or breakdown. By use of total holistic therapy the process can be altered, prevented or reversed. Free radical oxidative breakdown of the body cells through suboptimal nutritional practices is the most important factor in most common and diverse degenerative disorders, such as:


Allergies Aging Arthritis Atherosclerosis Candidiasis Chronic Fatigue         Circulatory Diseases Diabetes Glandular Dysfunction Hypertension Hypoglycemia  Immune Dysfunction Obesity Senility Stress Disorders Strokes Thyroid Dysfunction


Each person’s unique biochemistry is directly related to the functioning of his or her body as a total system. Blood chemistry, vitamin/mineral and amino acid analysis are major factors in evaluating systemic breakdown. If the body cells are supplied with optimum nutrition through nutrient therapy, most debilitating diseases can be improved, avoided or delayed. In most cases, this is best accomplished through Intravenous Nutritional Therapy

Our Goal

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