Our Approach

The Farmington Medical Center enjoys a reputation for its diagnostic skills and innovative therapy. This reputation was developed through astute diagnostic technique, particularly in the field of metabolic disorders and dysfunction.


Each individual is evaluated to get a total picture of as many variables as possible to understand the critical relationships between the physical examination and the laboratory test results. Diagnostic test results, history, physical findings, and dietary habits are carefully correlated and discussed. Dietary modification and nutrient supplementation, if necessary, are geared to the individualís personal requirements. Advice is presented simply and in an instructive manner so that each person is motivated to better understand his or her own body needs. These key factors, when integrated, become the determinants for intelligent, scientific, individual nutritional recommendations.


Proper dietary intake and nutritional supplementation is prescribed to achieve the following goals:

1. Optimum efficiency and health

2. Proper metabolic balance

3. Good mental function

4. Proper energy output

5. Ideal weight normalization


Appropriate exercise as an adjunct to a personalized dietary regime is recommended for best results. Laboratory retesting after a suitable period is suggested for verification of nutritional benefits and health improvement.


Additional counseling with trained personnel is available in cases where emotional and situational conflicts and learned behavior patterns make it difficult to change lifelong habits.

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